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Oct 8, 2012 5:00am PDT
retired air force colonel. >> joe suffered frostbite on the way down he was falling so long. they thought he broke he sound the barrier but they revised that. >> i skydiving one time 10,000 feet. this is -- >> he was 10 times that high. >> yeah. we'll check in with mike. >>> here's a look outside, looking down from vollmer peak, emeryville in the foreground, bay bridge, towards san francisco, fairly clear, a little fog around santa rosa, otherwise live doppler is clear of clouds and radar returns. we'll be watching monterey bay and south tomorrow into wednesday for any radar returns out of this area of low pressure as it not only brings us cooler weather but the threat of some showers in those areas. just updated these coolest around napa, santa rosa and half moon bay mid to upper 40s there, low to mid 50s until you go antioch at 60, 49 los gatos, 48 gilroy. closer to the bay temperatures low 50s. partly cloudy, cooler again today well below average a few clouds possible tonight you will be able to see the space station easily. showers possible south of the bay area monterey bay and south
Oct 11, 2012 5:00am PDT
: that was joe biden in iowa last week he hasn't said much about the debate recently. again, he's the one tasked with breathing life back into the democratic ticket after last week's presidential -- first presidential debate. watch the debate tonight live right here on abc 7 at 6:00. katie marzullo. >>> when the debate gets underway president obama will be returning from a campaign trip to florida after spending time in ohio this week. the president will leave the white house this afternoon and travel to courtroom gables where he will speak to sue -- travel to core roll gables where he will speak to supporters. -- mitt romney moves his campaign from ohio to north carolina today, staffers say romney is scheduled to attend a flee asheville where he will be joined by country singer ronnie millsap. >>> ross mirkarimi's job may not be -- [ unintelligible ] according to the chronicle, kim said her faith in mirkarimi as a person and sheriff has diminished and she would support a recall effort. >>> peninsula assemblyman hill and some san bruno residents plan to appear at a meeting to demand -- the commi
Oct 7, 2012 5:00am PDT
presidential debate is set for thursday night. >> there will be a fireworks. you have joe biden who is sort of everyone's uncle, for better or worse. abc news, washington. >> president obama will be in the bay area this week for another fundraiser. he will be taking part in a concert and rally tomorrow at san francisco's bill graham's vic auditorium. tickets start at $100 and go as high as $7,500. and a look ahead to the next debate as we are talking about it on the round table. don't miss it with george stephanopoulos right here on abc7. lisa argen here yesterday and yesterday you talked about the light rain maybe coming in on monday. i hope we aren't moving that up because we have so many people coming to town today they don't need it. >> we are moving it down the road. >> where it belongs, i might add. >> this is definitely a slow mover. it's a system we've been following offshore. but right now we are talking a little fog north of here. here is the high definition emeryville camera. a little cloudy, napa, sonoma, the usual spots. mid-50s in oakland. we will talk about the forecast today
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3